Name of the Project: Yeşilvadi (Beylerderesi) Pond Construcion Work
Date of the Contract: January 12th, 2016
Related Institution: State Hydraulic Works 9th District General Directorate, Malatya
The pond in question is 48,75 m heigh from the base, 38,75 m from the river bed, its maximum water level is 907,68 m, minimum water level is 889,73 m, active volume is 4.287 hm³, crest elevation is 909,25 m, crest length is 249 m and drainage area is 294,5 sqkm.
With the water that is going to be stored in Yeşilvadi Dam which was built withing the scope of “1071 POND” Project realized in order to ensure the irrigated farming in rural lands outside the big irrigation projects and meeting the need for drinking water the irrigation of 6 thousand 220 decar land will be detemined.
The height of Yeşilvadi (Beylerderesi) Dam which is built with roller compacted concrete is 39 m; and after waste outlet derivation cut-and-cover production is finished, water is derived.
With the project, 910 TL additional income per decar, a contribution of 5.660.200 TL annually to the national economy, and employment for 1866 people will be provided.