Project Name: İstanbul Emlak Konut Ispartakule Houses 1st Phase Section 1 House, Commercial and Substracture andMLandscaping Contracts
Date of Contract: September 18th, 2015
Related Institution: Emlak Konut Real Estate Investment Partnership Inc.
It includes a total of 946 houses (614 of them are built by tunnel formwork system and 332 of them are built via conventional mold system), 20 commercial structure via conventional mold system, 12 social facility and covered swimming pool construction, and substructure both in and outside the island, zoning roads and landscaping.
Total area of the construction site is 235 thousand sqm. In the project, which has a 40 thousand sqm closed parking area, 8 thousand sqm of commercial and social area, 11 km road and 16 km general substructure constructions exits. The landscaping area of the project is 57 thousand 212 sqm.